Kinder Math 2 Base Center Kit (5 Packs)

by Learning Wrap Up

The 1st Grade Math 2 Base Center Kit comes with 2 LP Bases, 6 curriculum packs with 12 cards each, 864 questions and answers that cover: Numbers 0-10 (Intro to Addition & Subtraction), Numbers 0-100, Money ‰ÛÒ Simple Fractions ‰ÛÒ Addition & Subtractions with sums and differences through 18, Algebra Concepts, Geometry & Measurement, and Probability & Statistics. It is packaged in a clear vinyl bag for easy storage and organization. This kit is great for Reading Centers and allows 2 ‰ÛÒ 4 students to work at the same time. Additional bases will allow for more students.The curriculum has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of State and National Math Standards. See the individual titles and slide shows for detailed descriptions and previews of curriculum.