Your Comeback (May) DVD

by Anchor
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Are You Ready to Get Back in the Game?You may feel defeated and broken, but God loves to use people in surprising ways to accomplish His plan! This DVD presentation by Dr. Tony Evans shows that no matter the odds stacked against you, there is always hope for a comeback.Enjoy stories of sports teams that prevailed when all seemed lost, and get inspired by epic victories of biblical underdogs who found success when they traded their doubt for hope. With each powerful story, you will discover how God can coach you through the trials of life and lead you from brokenness to triumph.As you see what the Bible says about redemption and comebacks, you will understand that your role in God's plan doesn't require strength or perfection—only trust and readiness. Get off the bench and take the first step toward your epic comeback today!Complete your DVD experience withYour Comeback Interactive Workbook