You: Is It Possible To Build Real & Last Participant Guide

by Anchor
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Friends make a life. And sometimes they break it. That\'s why the You study helps you to deal with all sorts of friendship issues. Like what happens to your friendships when the opposite sex is introduced? Or how do you deal with deep misunderstandings and the craziness of rumors?  And what happens when you mix in faith to the whole scheme? How can you thrive when so much chaos and stress reigns?  Featuring \live\ dramas from the REVOLVE tour in combination with Bible study, the Reel to Real Interactive Drama-Based Study Series addresses the questions and issues-both series and frivolous-that hit at the heart of teens.Designed for individual or group study, the You participant\'s guide helps individuals and groups explore what\'s been exposed through the dramas and dig deeper into how to live differently in this changing world. Participant\'s guide features:Questions, Bible study, and activities for group or individual studyReal-life stories from teensTips for youth group leadersActivies to be artsy and interactive with the topicResources & itunes list (websites, books, online videos, and music related to the topic)