Yes, You Really Can Change (Apr)

by Anchor
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\'If God changes lives, why is mine stuck in the mud? We all want life change, but achieving it is hard. As Christians, we know Jesus has made it possible. The Holy Spirit even lives inside us! And yet, too many Christians are going nowhere. Can things ever get better? Pastor Chip Ingram\'s answer is simple: Yes, you really CAN change! With practical advice drawn straight from Scripture, Chip answers questions such as: Why do so many Christians change so little? Where do we get the power to change? How do you know when you\'re really changing? How do you break out of a destructive lifestyle? How do you make it last? In Yes, You Really CAN Change, you\'ll learn the difference between living for God\'s approval and from God\'s approval. Only when you understand your full acceptance by a loving God can life change begin to happen