Yes You Can

by wasSTL
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Why do bad things happen to good people? Learn how to deal with tragedy, failures, and setbacks that have caused deep-seated anger, offense, depression, resentment, and a poor self-image. Discover concepts that drive to the core of the problem. Find hope to springboard out of those shackles into a new tomorrow with an inner confidence that you can achieve your dreams. Gain the motivation to learn from your past, start over, and look to the future with expectancy. Faith will grow in your heart and you'll regain confidence that you can fulfill the God given dream that burns within you. The good news..."God Does Windows"! He can wipe away the crippling effect of what was written on the window of our soul-limiting governing beliefs, fear of failure, and procrastination. Included is a foreword by Dr. Robert H. Schuller. Endorsed by Dr. Oral Roberts and Dr. Pat Robertson.