Woman Of Valor

by Anchor
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Do You Know Your True Calling as a Woman of God? When you read in the Bible that Eve was created as a \helper\ for Adam, you may feel a woman\'\'s role is one of weakness and subservience. But this term in the Hebrew language—ezer—actually signifies a position of strength and rock-solid support. Like Eve, you were designed by God to bravely and faithfully give life to the world around you. Inspirational speaker Marilynn Chadwick wants to give you a greater understanding of your place in God\'\'s plan for humanity. In Scripture and in her travels to India, Lebanon, Sudan, and more, she has encountered incredible women of God who share beautiful and powerful traits—traits you can uncover and incorporate into your own life today. No matter where you live, your relationship status, or your unique talents, you can become a woman of valor.