Wisdom From The Ancients

by Anchor
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Church history is filled with names and dates.Is there any value for today?Absolutely.More than just facts, discover the life-changing lessons from the early church.Learning the views and lifestyles of your forefathers and foremothers in the faith provides not just knowledge, but guidance for living out your convictions. In Wisdom from the Ancients, author and scholar Bryan Litfin paints a vivid portrait of the first five centuries of the Christian church, packed with fascinating historical information as well as applications and insights for believers today. Discover that?Without the Trinity, you just have blasphemyWhat you say out loud is what you believeWeakness is the best witnessWisdom from the Ancients will encourage you to think in new ways about old ideas. Once you set aside your modern viewpoint and approach ancient truths with an open mind, the beliefs of the early Christians will illuminate your faith in a brand-new way.