Wiggle Eyes 560ct Stacking Storage Containers

by Dixon Ticonderoga Co - Pacon
Bring projects to life with Creativity Street Wiggle Eyes! Great for storing and keeping these Wiggle Eyes organized. The screw-bottom containers feature different selections of our most popular Wiggle Eyes. This assortment of round and oval Black Wiggle Eyes Sizes includes: Round - 5 mm x 288 pieces, 7 mm x 44 pieces, 10 mm x 72 pieces, 15 mm x 36 pieces. Oval - 20 mm x 20 pieces.

Key Features :

Bat those lashes and wiggle those eyes; these fun stickers are a playful way to reward their progressGreat for storing and organizing your Wiggle EyesWide assortment of Wiggle EyesAssorted SizesBlack, Round & Oval Shapes