Why Is There Suffering?

by Anchor
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A unique book that allows readers to \'choose their path\' in reading about the nature of God and suffering, allowing them to explore the various options and see their implications for life and belief.Take a Unique Adventure as You Explore Questions about God, Suffering, Evil, Pain, and Final DestinyBe engaged, enlightened, and surprised by this unique book on suffering that gives control to the reader. Similar to novels that allow readers to choose their own \'paths,\' Why Is There Suffering? by Bethany Sollereder invites readers to make choices that lead them on an exploration of theological possibilities about topics like:God\'s existenceGod\'s natureThe nature of sufferingEvilPainThe final destiny of humans and animalsReaders will face multiple possibilities regarding suffering and its theological explanations and have to make choices about which one they find most plausible. Each decision will lead to further complexities and new choices, helping readers see how theological choices lead to certain conclusions. This book does not offer final answers. Instead, it introduces the \'theological\' possibilities, both Christian and non-Christian, that readers can explore and wrestle with so they can make informed decisions about their beliefs.Taking an intentionally light-hearted approach to a heavy topic this accessible and winsome book presents an unusually helpful introduction to the problem of suffering and the most commonly offered responses to it. Suggestions for further reading are provided with each choice.