Who Says A Woman Cant Change

by wasSTL
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Are you a believer whose life is empty and without meaning? This book is about change, something most of us don't want to do. Yet without change, discipline can become drudgery, our relationships sour, and we may wander from one thing to another looking for something to satisfy us. Claudia Russell Ward is a popular, gifted communicator. Whether she's speaking or writing, she's always entertaining. And while she delivers a strong message in this book, it is humorous and entertaining as well. Claudia leads us to consider the lives of both biblical and modern women so that we can see the strength and power that change brought to their lives. * Wilma swept chicken feathers out of her truck, packed the neighbor kids into it, and took them to Sunday school year after year. * Edith surrendered her life as she knelt in the snow. God heard her cry. * Doris pushed Claudia up a Swiss mountainside to her destiny. * Abigail's mama said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Abigail then prepared a feast for David and his two hundred angry men. It worked! * Beverly, a pastor's wife, believed God was calling her to help bring America back to God. She started an organization to do just that.