Who Is This Man? Study Guide

by Anchor
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In this five-session DVD-based small group bible study, Who Is This Man?, John Ortberg reveals how Jesus made an inescapable influence on our world and you will learn how you can make one too!

Jesus is history’s most familiar figure. His impact on the world is immense and non-accidental. From the Dark Ages to Post-Modernity he is the man who won\'t go away

And yet …

He did not brashly defend his movement in the spirit of a rising political or military leader. He did not lay out a case that history would judge superior in all future books. He did not start by telling his disciples, \Here are proofs of my divinity; affirm them and I\'ll accept you.\

Who Is This Man? illustrates how Jesus’ influence has swept over history, bringing his inspiration to the evolution of art, science, government, medicine, and education. And how his vision for us to lead lives of dignity, compassion, forgiveness, and hope continues to inspire and challenge humanity today

Sessions include:
•The Man Who Won’t Go Away
•A Revolution of Humanity
•The Power of Forgiveness
•Why It’s a Small World After All
•Three Days That Changed the World