Who Is McKenzie

by Anchor
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Enter the Fascinating and Unusual World of McKenzie

McKenzie is intriguing, upright, and fearful but also hopeful. In truth, there is a bit of McKenzie in all of us. As his story unfolds, the pieces of McKenzie\'s life begin to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and, as we get to know him more and more, a picture begins to develop.

Championing the cause of C.A.N.T. (Campaign Against Nuclear Terror), McKenzie is ushered into dangerous and clandestine meetings with an array of fascinating characters. Hurdling through a sequence of breathtaking adventures, McKenzie dodges in and out of a world that is full of evil, leading him to a series of deeply spiritual experiences-some positive, others frightening.

Page by page, you will not only be captivated by the things that happen to McKenzie, but you will also be faced with many of the same life-changing questions that he must answer along the way.

This first book in the mysterious and absorbing McKenzie series will appeal to people from diverse cultures and beliefs. Everyone will identify in some way with the journey and likewise be hounded by one question: Who Is McKenzie?