When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You

by Anchor
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A fresh new cover introduces the proven principles in this popular title—more than 75,000 copies sold—to a new group of readers.Christians are called to be servants. But people who forfeit their God-given calling and identity in order to please others move from servanthood to codependency. How can they get back on track? Clinical psychologist David Hawkins offers a Christian perspective on healthy relationships and the pitfalls of being a people pleaser. He answers such important questions as…Where does Christian service end and codependency begin?What emotional needs lead to codependency, and how can those needs be met in healthier ways?How can parents help their children avoid codependent behavior?Readers will resonate with the real-life illustrations of people who no longer know what they think, want, or feel. Suggestions for redirecting unhealthy relationships empower readers to rediscover their own value and personal contribution.