When I Lay My Isaac Down Study Guide (Updated & Expanded)

by Anchor
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Carol Kent shares her personal story of unshakable faith in
unthinkable circumstances.
When her twenty-five-year-old son,
a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, shot and killed his wife’s
ex-husband, Carol’s life was forever changed.
Readers will be touched by the spiritual and emotional agony that
she takes them through. She outlines eight transformational power
principles that helped her survive and offers hope to those whose
worlds have been shaken. And now with an added chapter, Carol
talks about her life and what God has taught her since her son’s
The Eight Transformational Power Principles:
• The Power of Unthinkable Circumstances
• The Power of Relinquishment
• The Power of Heartache
• The Power of Community
• The Power of Hope
• The Power of Faith
• The Power of Joy
• The Power of Speaking Up