Whats Your Excuse

by wasSTL
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Weve all heard the excusesIm too messed up for God, You cant prove God exists, Christians are mean and intolerant, and Im very openmindedand the list goes on and on. But really, what does it mean to be a Christian, for those seeking, growing or maturing in their faith? What's Your Excuse was written to answer that question for The nonbeliever who is seeking God, in Whats Your Excuse, Michael Saunders uncovers and debunk many the myths that nonbelievers use as justification for not turning to God and attempts to shine a light of truth for those who are honestly seeking it. The believer desiring to grow in their personal walk with Christ, whether they have just started walking with the Lord 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, What's Your Excuse? asks and answers many of the hard questions many have been afraid to ask. For the mature believer who is looking for effective ways to share the Good News with a skeptical world. So, like the title sayswhats your excuse?