What We Are In Christ

by Anchor
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SATAN HAS NO POWER WHEN WE ARE IN CHRIST! The expression ?in Christ? is one of the key phrases in the Epistles. However, many of us find that who we were before we found Christ so dominates our minds that we forget we are now in Him. We belittle our redemption and magnify our failures. Our weakness is ever with us. We have the ?cross? religion, rather than the resurrected life of the Son of God. With love, patience, and grace, legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon explains What We Are in Christ and what this means from heaven?s point of view. God is our ally no matter what our circumstances. ?We are in Him now, seated in the highest place in the universe, and all it requires is simple faith on our part to bring the power of God to bear upon our needs, whether for spirit, soul, body, finances or deliverance,? Kenyon says. No matter where you are in your faith journey, you will find reassurance and joy when you realize What We Are in Christ!