What Have You Done For Me Late

by wasSTL
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The business world today defines our standards for success by title and socioeconomic status. The objective for writing this book is to show the reader how the standards we use to measure our worth are erosive and can lead us down a destructive path. Readers will benefit from this book by *Gaining valuable insight on how to apply the Christian faith and Biblical principles to the corporate world, resulting in a more successful and prosperous business environment. *Discover that ones significance goes beyond the walls of an office, a title on a business card and the amount of money in ones bank account. *Acknowledge Gods presence is every aspect of our lives both at home and at work and accepting that he has placed us in positions for his purpose, which may be quite different from our own. *Have to make the choice both personally and professionally between the worlds standards for success or doing what is right in Gods eyes. *Uncovering qualities that the world sees as areas of weakness but God sees as moments to reveal his strength and purpose. The standards of success, defined by the corporate world often force us to choose between integrity or profitability. How far will we go to please the world, even if it means denying our faith in the process? When we define our importance based on how much money we make and the titles on our business cards, we risk going against the standards of success that God expects us to live by. One will have to choose between living for creation, or living for our Creator. The choice we make will determine our true faith and fellowship with Jesus Christ.