Way to Win, The

by Anchor
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When we find something valuable that helps us accomplish the things that matter most, we don\'t let go of it. Life is not a game. However, on multiple occasions, the Bible uses competitive sports metaphors to demonstrate the discipline and training necessary to grow and become everything God created you to be. The things we care about most -- our identity, our purpose, our relationships -- are far more important than a game. We have to learn to win in these areas. We understand development when it comes to sports, our careers, our hobbies, and even our personal lives. There are tangible goals we can shoot for. And yet, when it comes to our spiritual lives, it often feels more elusive. This book is not a fail-proof formula to avoid pain, challenges, or adversity. It\'s a journey to a deeper relationship with God. This is the reason you were created. This is winning in life. This is what you\'re going to care about when you come to the end of your life and wonder, \'Did my life matter?\' What if you could be developed in your professional career through a greater understanding of God\'s Word? What if you could learn to build a healthy culture both in your workplace and in your home? What if you could win in the areas of life that you care about the most?