Watchman Prophets Arise (March 2022)

by Anchor
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It’s time to receive and heed the prophetic warnings of God’s Watchmen. 
Their words might just save our lives and spare our nations!

Where are we on Heaven’s prophetic timeline? Is the Lord warning of coming judgment, or is there a coming revival?

Mary Ann Peluso, a trusted prophetic voice who ministered with David Wilkerson for several years and served as his prophetic intercessor, believes that we are on the precipice of both a coming judgement and a massive revival.
In this timely work, Mary Ann offers powerful insights on how you can discern the works of darkness, decode God’s prophetic warnings, and partner with the Holy Spirit for the great end-times awakening. 

Through powerful personal testimony and detailed examination of end-time prophetic words and events, she challenges you to enter into deeper intimacy with the Lord so you can spiritually discern the times and seasons.

These powerful pages will show you…
  • Watchman warnings to prepare and protect you
  • What is next on God’s end-time agenda
  • How the prophetic dreams, revelations and warnings of David Wilkerson are coming to pass before our very eyes in this generation.
Prepare for the coming judgement, and join the end-times revival! This is your chance to serve as a watchman over your soul, your family, your city, and your nation!