Walk Through The Dark

by Anchor
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When her husband died and spent 90 minutes in heaven, Eva Piper?s life changed forever. Many people know about Don Piper?s experience, described in?90 Minutes in Heaven. He was in a terrible car accident, rushed to the hospital, pronounced dead, and 90 minutes later returned to life. In A Walk Through the Dark, his wife, Eva, explains what she experienced at Don?s side. On January 18, 1989, her life changed forever too. A loving, protected wife with a strong husband, Eva had no preparation for the darkness that engulfed her. She was at his side when he went through severe depression. She had to make serious medical decisions, such as whether to amputate his leg or try?a new-and-radical medical procedure using the Ilizarov device. After the accident, Eva found her way through many dark days caring for?Don as he endured thirty-four surgeries. She came out on the other side a strong woman of faith. Eva?s walk through the dark strengthened her and brought out qualities she didn?t know she had. This is her story.