Wake Up!

by Anchor
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Why would you settle for an ordinary life when you have an extraordinary mind? Break your good life into six bite-size pieces so you can live a successful life without regret. What this world needs now more than ever are women who think differently. Every action taken or decision made is affected by our thoughts, mindset, and beliefs about the world. Our fears, excuses, procrastination, and self-sabotage must change if we want to impact our lives in any meaningful way. So, what is the secret to discovering lasting fulfillment in a culture that wants us sleeping? In Wake Up!, Lindsay Teague Moreno explores the six core foundations for a fulfilled life and the mindset shift that can occur when you stop looking at the expectations you put on yourself. Through stories and tough questions, you will emerge more prepared to live the kind of life that feels right, regardless of what other people think of it. In the areas of relationships, health, finance, business, and personal and spiritual life, Wake Up! will help you assess what you believe and how that affects your success. Then Moreno walks you through how to burn down the old ways to build the life of your dreams by:Squeezing lessons out of life?s biggest letdowns,Finding fulfillment in the middle of the fire,Shifting your mindset to control your thoughts and make the future happen on purpose, andLiving a life with no excuses and nothing to lose.?Creating a vision of the life we?d like to live isn?t hard. In fact, it?s pretty fun and satisfying,? says Moreno. ?It?s easy to see all the problems we have now and say, ?If this wasn?t a problem, then I?d be happy.? But that?s just a lie we tell ourselves to keep ourselves safe and warm in the house and story we?ve built for ourselves.?Moreno will also share ways you can change your mindset in each core foundation so that your life works for you, rather than the other way around. Perfect for women who work inside or outside the home, Wake Up! will show you why it?s so important to understand how and why we change our minds and wake up to what we really believe.Only you can emit that special energy that comes from being brave enough to live a life you\'ll never regret. Whole-life fulfillment is only a mindset shift away.