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In Wacked: Hey, Wanna Squeeze My Cheese? you\'ll find a pumpkin who gets married, a girl who thinks she\'s a bird, Sally, a golfer who only banks her shots off trees, a surfing pig, and a grandma who tries to jam an apple in her ear. There\'s a crazy world inside these pages where you\'ll find humor for all your different moods.Larry\'s loose toothRattled in his brainIt almost drove him nutsHe bawled from the painMaybe this will make your day when you\'re in a good mood. Or perhaps the following will do the same, if you\'re not having a good day: Rob walked a mile to see a muleHow silly can he be?Cause when he got thereIt kicked him in the kneeWhichever one tickles your funny bone, regardless of your mood, just read that one for the day and think about it. You may find it has another layer that makes you laugh all the harder.