USB-Switched-On-Schoolhouse-Core 4 Subject Set (Grade 7)

by Anchor
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The Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Core Subject Set (4 subjects) from Alpha Omega Publications. Presented in an interactive, media-rich learning environment, Switched-On Schoolhouse offers features and abilities that textbooks cannot begin to offer. For students, features such as videos, animated clips, interactive timelines and learning games, as well as immediate grading and feedback add lots of excitement to the learning process. And parents benefit from highly adaptable features in this Alpha Omega curriculum such as automated lesson planning and grading, customizable record-keeping options, and many flexible curriculum options.

But what will your student learn in Switched-on Schoolhouse 7th Grade Core Subject Set? This biblically-based, Alpha Omega curriculum provides everything needed by both parent and student for an entire year’s academic instruction. With the SOS 7th Grade Core Subject Set, you will receive four subjects—History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

Take a look at what’s included in this complete set:

History & Geography— Social Science Survey
Language Arts— Composition and Literature
Math— Basic Math Skills
Science— General Science I

Text-based lessons are interspersed with interactive multimedia activities which enrich and reinforce material presented in the lesson. Comprehension and review questions used at the end of each lesson encourage mastery of learned material and quizzes and unit tests provide an excellent way for parents to evaluate student progress. Are you ready for the next generation of homeschool curriculum? Then order Switched-on Schoolhouse 7th Grade Core Subject Set today!