Unlocking Destinies From The Courts Of Heaven

by Anchor
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This book is a follow up to the book Operating In The Courts Of Heaven: Granting God The Legal Right To Fulfill His Passion And Answer Our Prayer. In this second volume of the Operating in the Courts of Heaven series, Robert Henderson talks about how to unlock the destinies of our lives and even nations from the legal dimension of the Spirit. Each one of us has a book in Heaven with our destiny and purpose recorded in it. (Psalm 139:16) This book in Heaven is the reason we were created and exist in the earth. It is the Lord?s passion to see us fulfill this destiny. The problem is our archenemy, the devil, also passionately desires to keep us from that destiny. If he can keep us out of our destiny, he can stop the purposes of God in the earth. Our destiny and God?s purposes are irrevocably joined. One of his chief weapons to do this is the landing and operation of curses. In Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven you will discover what some of these curses are and how to remove them from your life. When this is done freedom will come and you will walk into the future God has planned for you.