Ultimate Guide To Darcy Carter

by wasSTL
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Darcy Carter is the Ultimate Guide girl. She dropped out of school at nineteen to write the Ultimate Guide to Writing a College Thesis and hasn't come up for air since. She's written twenty books in just over ten years. Considered an expert in everything from parenting multiples to the NFL draft to online trading, she doubts she could guide herself out of a brown paper bag. While her professional life is going better than she had ever dreamed it would, Darcy's personal life could use some work. Her relationship with God has fallen by the wayside at the same rate that her writing career has flourished. She's lost touch with her church friends and the ones with whom she went to school. Her nieces and nephew are growing up before her eyes, but she can't find the time to fulfill a simple promise she made years ago. Forget about finding time for a man in her life. When her editor suggests she write The Ultimate Guide to Finding Mr. Right, Darcy balks. She wants no part in giving women the false hope of finding a man she doesn't believe exists. To avoid Mr. Right, and hopefully discover where the discontentment with her life is coming from, she heads to North Carolina to research one last ultimate guidebook. Unfortunately North Carolina only amplifies the questions and doubts swirling around in her head rather than mollifying them. When did she start writing for money and not for the sheer love of the craft? Is she meant to do something else with her life? If she's no longer America's Ultimate Guide Girl, who is she? Can she trust her heart to recognize Mr. Right when he's standing before her, or should she continue to doubt his existence? Whom can the Ultimate Guide Girl trust to guide her? Her heavenly father who gives wisdom to those who seek it, or herself, the woman with all the answers?