Transform Stress Into Strength

by wasSTL
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It's a common lament--an increasing frustration. You're frazzled by the frantic pace. Your "to do list" is about to do you in. You can't catch your breath before more musts and shoulds appear. You're "all stressed up" and spinning into a vicious, downward spiral. Let Susanne Sweeny, counselor and life coach, halt the madness and set you on a well-charted course to transform stress into strength and reclaim your personal power. With insightful assessments that pinpoint your values, priorities, and mission, you'll create a strategic life plan and refocus your time from the tyranny of the urgent to the truly important. Avoid the mental traps that keep you from achieving your dreams. Take control of your mind and emotions and eliminate the worry that saps your energy. You can do it! Susanne shows you how.