Tozer On The Holy Spirit (Oct)

by Anchor
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Join A. W. Tozer as He Encounters the Holy SpiritSpend a year unearthing the wonder of the Holy Spirit alongside A. W. Tozer. In these daily meditations on Scripture, Tozer will inspire you to do the same. According to Tozer, the Spirit is neglected by the modern church, but were believers to know the Spirit?intimately and accurately?they would know freedom from stagnancy. This devotional explores many of the defining characteristics of the Holy Spirit. Each day seeks to stoke the believer\'\'s internal desire to hunger and thirst after the Spirit of God. Encounter Tozer?s heart and wisdom like never before in this newly revised edition. Continue worshipping alongside Tozer with the rest of his Trinitarian devotions: Tozer on the Son of God and Tozer on the Almighty God. With each page, may your heart be filled and your worship increased.