Toy-Throw & Tell Storytellers Ball

by Anchor
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Inflate ball. Roll with the fun. Get youth discussing and sharing--instantly! The Throw & Tell Storytellers Ball includes 52 questions...some serious, some wacky, some funny, some deep, some intimate--all intriguing. Simply inflate and let teenagers toss the ball around and answer whatever question lands under their left thumb. It\'s quick, it\'s easy, it\'s fun...and it involves everyone all of the time.

Get teens talking, sharing, bonding, laughing, and exploring--as you prepare to launch a lesson. Group\'s new Throw & Tell Storytellers Ball is your secret weapon when teenagers show up distracted, bored, or withdrawn.

Sample questions:
--\If you were guaranteed an answer, what one question would you ask Jesus?\
--\Quickly. . .describe your most embarrassing moment.\

Balls are crafted of extra-thick plastic and designed for years of use. Works well with any teenager at any spiritual level--and in any youth group setting...small groups, large groups, retreats, events, and more.

For Ages 3+