Total Healing

by Anchor
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Whether you are dealing with a disease, trusting Godto heal your loved one, wanting to learn how to stayhealthy, or simply questioning whether God wants youwell, you will find this book a refreshing and encouragingresource.Renowned Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey brings scripturaltruths and principles to life. Explore the love of God,which prompts His desire to heal us, and the power of God,through which healing occurs. Find out how healing tiesinto your overall relationship with your heavenly Father. Asyou do, you will discover the answers to these questions:• Why is there sickness in the world?• Is faith necessary for healing?• Will God heal me?• Can sickness return?• How can I live in divine health?• What are the four components to miraculous living?Your faith will increase as you read the compellingpersonal, ministry, and biblical accounts of others who havebeen healed so that you, too, can receive healing. You willalso be encouraged to reach out to those around you andallow God’s healing power to flow through your life to thesick and hurting.Our loving Creator is also our Healer. He desires that allof His children live in divine health and wholeness in theirspirits, bodies, emotions, and minds. Like all good things,health and healing come from God, and He still heals today.