To Be Concluded

by Anchor
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?To be continued??The words build anticipation for what\'s coming . . . which is great for a Netflix binge, but not a healthy pattern for our lives. In real life, constant continuation causes our lives to pile up, episode upon episode, with no space for reflection or rest, contentment or closure.This book is for the too-busy, driven person who\'s moving on to the next win, without ever processing how one season of life affects the next. It\'s for the person stuck and held back because she\'s never done the hard work of getting real closure on a season. When we fail to finish well, we live with a pile of unfinished beginnings. But finished things become usable things because they are a part of the story of God?s grace and faithfulness.In these pages, you?ll discover:How beginnings are important because they give birth to hopeHow we can hold on to hope when the journey is hard and the future is uncertainHow to conclude moments, days, and seasons and find God\'s grace to be enoughHow hope sustains us as we learn to live in this moment and discover the beauty of redemptionThe pressure of our piled up past needs to be brought to an end. Instead of vague storylines that stretch ?to be continued,? learn to start with the end in mind: To Be Concluded.