Throw & Tell This...Or That? Ball (Preteen)

by Anchor
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This new addition to the best-selling series of Group's Throw & Tell Balls is your secret weapon when you finish a lesson early, kids show up grumpy, or you need an icebreaker—fast! Simply inflate a sturdy, colorful ball and let kids toss the ball around for a few seconds. When you call "Time," the child holding the ball reads what's written under his or her left thumb—and then everyone answers (or the child answers, depending on how you choose to play). Kids love the Throw & Tell Balls, and you'll love seeing them open up, laugh, and connect with one another in this new way. Keep kids on the edge of their seats with this hilarious ball of fully loaded questions. This ball puts kids in the silly spotlight with questions such as: "Would you rather take a bath with worms…or eat a live worm? Why?" "Would you rather run across hot coals..or go skydiving? Why?" The ball also includes questions that'll prompt your kids to think about their faith: "Would you rather be at the manger…or at the empty tomb? Why?" The This or That? ball prompts kids to choose between silly, weird, and fun possibilities, encouraging conversation and laughs. You get 52 conversation starters that get kids talking and laughing.