The Voices We Carry (May)

by Anchor
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Quiet the Noise in Your Headspace and Find Your One, True VoiceDuring hospital chaplaincy training, J. S. Park began to see patterns in his own life and the lives of patients he met. Often they understood the problem, maybe, like him, they could even point to the root causes, but they still felt stuck. So he developed the Voices Model to help people find their one, true voice. It explores the false voices we listen to, four inner voices (self-condemning, self-exalting, condemning others, and exalting others), and four outer voices (guilt, family dynamics, grief, and trauma). Through it you?ll learn how to identify these unhelpful voices and successfully kick them out of your headspace. Filled with first-person narrative stories, and psychological, spiritual, and clinical insights, The Voices We Carry is an enjoyable, disarming, and important read. For anyone who wants to grow but isn?t quite sure how to move forward, this book is for you.