The Visual Word (Jun)

by Anchor
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The New Testament shouldn?t be complicated. So why are we often confused?Let?s face it: we sometimes get lost in all the names, places, and doctrines that we find in the New Testament?s pages. Who wrote this epistle? Which book is about justification? Joy? Jesus? Aren?t they all about him? If only somebody who understands the big picture would put it together for us in one place!Biblical scholar Patrick Schreiner does just that. And he doesn?t do it by throwing big words at you. The contours of the New Testament and its underlying structure are depicted in visual format along with Schreiner?s clear explanations. In The Visual Word, the Bible comes alive because you can see it pictured before your eyes.Don?t settle for summaries of the New Testament. Let Schreiner?s concise words and crisp images work together to help you encounter the Living Word in a fresh way.