The Value of Me

by Anchor
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Where should you find your valule in life? Are you burdened with depression, anxiety, rejection, betrayal, sadness, or a broken heart? Pressures in life can alter the way you value yourself. The world may falsely teach you that your value lies in your status, appearance, skill, or ability.Join author Nikeisha Nickels as she illuminates a better source for your true worth: your identity as a child of God. To find your identity and life?s purpose, you must first know how deeply God values you. Through this focused study of King David?s life, prepare to receive these benefits:? Become free from despair and gain your God-given dignity.? Overcome struggles with the truth of your life?s significance.? Appreciate God?s amazing love for you.As you meditate and actively participate in each lesson, trust that God will show you your true worth in Him.