The Sugarcreek Surprise (Creektown Discoveries #2)

by Anchor
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Book 2 in the Creektown Discoveries series. Antique Store Owners Offer Romance Advice to a Smitten CarpenterWelcome to Sugarcreek, Ohio, where the Amish schoolteacher has a determined admirer. Tragically losing her parents as a child, Lisa Miller has grown up being afraid of loving and losing. She dedicates herself to teaching at an Amish schoolhouse and helping the grandparents who raised her, all the while avoiding the advances of newcomer Paul Herchberger. Paul enjoys antiques and meets Orley Troyer while looking for unique old milk bottles at yard sales. Orley and his wife offer prayers and advice as Paul tries to reach Lisa?s closed heart. But when secrets are revealed, will Lisa use them as an excuse to close herself off again?