The Manifold Beauty Of Geneis One

by Anchor
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ee and celebrate the multilayered grandeur conveyed by Genesis 1The first chapter of the Bible\'s first book lays the foundation for all that follows about who God is and what God is like. Our technology-age fascination with the science of origins, however, can blind us to issues of great importance that don\'t address our culturally conditioned questions. Instead, Genesis 1 itself suggests the questions and answers that are most significant to human faith and flourishing.Geologist Gregg Davidson and theologian Ken Turner shine a spotlight on Genesis 1 as theologically rich literature first and foremost, exploring the layers of meaning that showcase various aspects of God\'s character:? God as artist? God as farmer? God as \'I Am\'? God as suzerain? God as presence? God as redeemerOur very knowledge of God suffers when we fail to appreciate the Bible\'s ability to convey multilayered truth simultaneously. The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One offers readers the chance to cultivate an openness to Scripture\'s richness and a deeper faith in the Creator.