The Lincoln League

by Anchor
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Invisible people make the best spies. As slaves for most of their lives, they have been treated as invisible people, barely worth notice. Now, with the Civil War marching down upon them, they decide to use their invisibility for the Northern cause. They become spies. This thrilling tale is based on the real life of John Scobell, one of the first black spies in our nation s intelligence service. But as John collects secrets in northern Virginia, he has no idea that the wife he left behind in Richmond has a secret of her own. She too has become a spy in the heart of the Confederacy, and she uncovers information about Rebel submarines that could change the course of the war. John Scobell works alongside the network of black spies active throughout the South the Lincoln Legal Loyal League. But their world unravels when someone begins picking off agents, one by one. In the beginning, John saw the war as a fight for honor, glory, and freedom. Suddenly, for John and Peg, it becomes a fight just to survive. Based on the true story of John Scobell.