The King's Prophetic Voice (March 2022)

by Anchor
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Learn your God-language!
Every day, God is speaking to you — not through a booming voice from Heaven, but in ways that are simple, common, and often overlooked.
God is not a formula; He is a person Who longs to draw us into a deeper relationship with Himself. As we get to know Him through His Word, we recognize the creative ways He seeks to communicate with us.
In The King's Prophetic Voice​, author and prophetic teacher, Jodie Hughes opens our eyes to the many creative ways that God regularly speaks to us. These include dreams, visions, numbers, and other prophetic symbols.
Explore what God might be saying to you through…
  • Recurring numbers
  • Ongoing themes in your dreams
  • Signs in creation
  • Confirmations on major decisions
The Holy Spirit gives you eyes to see and hear to hear! So if you’re longing to hear the Lord more clearly and to deepen your relationship with Him, then this is the book for you. Dive in and discover what God has waiting for you!