The Hard Good

by Anchor
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The Hard Good shows why the divine road that leads to God?s perfect plan for our lives is often paved with difficulties.At our very core is the desire to be God?s woman or man?faithful, having fulfilled the potential God created in us. To reach that point, sometimes we have to endure hard things, things God has designed for good, to supernaturally shape us into the people he wants us to be. When we choose to accept the ?hard good,? we discover our life?s purpose, and he promises to give us the joy and passion as our deepest longing is fulfilled.The hard good is a powerful path to growth, as you learn toaccept things you wish were differentapologize and forgive firstcome clean (repentance)give up the now for the beststay in the journeycheer for someone who has what you wantopen your heart, even when it?s been hurttell yourself noThe Hard Good is a poignant and practical roadmap to help you find God?s true purpose for your life?a study in becoming the person God uniquely created you to be. With counsel from Scripture, which speaks into relevant and universal issues that touch each one of us, The Hard Good inspires and motivates you to discover the growth you have long desired as you search for your purpose in God?s perfect plan.