The Growing Season (Oct)

by Anchor
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Wisdom for Everything?from the Soil to Your Soul Farm life calls to the heart of every Christ-follower, whether you experience it only through the country music you play while stuck in morning traffic, or you walk daily through those wide-open spaces like author Sarah Philpott. This is by God?s design?the cycle of trusting, sowing, growing, and reaping mirrors our life as believers. With The Growing Season, you can to witness how farming and faith intertwine. Illustrated through the Bible?s transformative truths and Sarah?s own stories from life on a Tennessee cattle farm, you?ll understand the splendor of God?s creation, the urgent need for you to trust Him through the thick and thin, and the vision of abundance He has for you. Packed with tips for baking, grilling, planting, and understanding farm lingo, this collection of hilarious, moving, and inspiring insights will help keep you rooted in God?s desire for your life. Kick off your work boots, pour yourself a glass of sweet iced tea, and draw closer to your Creator as you celebrate His creation and provision.