The Gift Of Letting Go Video Study

by Anchor
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Encourages women through personal stories and authentic transparency to forgive themselves as a life practice by studying the story of Peter.So many women today don\'t live their lives to the fullest because they\'ve been told?either by others, their situation, or themselves?that they can\'t. The chains are too tight, the pain too great, and the obstacles too big. But the good news is that the keys to the life of freedom are closer than you think.Drawn from stories of her own sometimes rocky past and years of learning to trust God, Chrystal passes along the practical, biblical insights she\'s learned so that you can run at full speed?free at last from unnecessary numbness, pain, bitterness, and shame.This six-session video Bible study is your plan to:Find healing and restoration through the practices of self-graceIdentify the imprisoning scripts you follow by habitCultivate confidenceForgive yourself and othersAnd, ultimately, let go of what holds you backWith honesty and warmth, Chrystal gives you keys that not only help you see your life differently but will transform the way you live your life so you can be free at last to bring the gift of your unique identity to the surface and experience your life in full color.Designed for use with The Gift of Letting Go Video Study (sold separately).