The Day Of Ezekiel'S Hope

by Anchor
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?A moving, fast-paced account of the end times.? ?Publisher\'s Weekly Millions vanished into thin air. Now, wars are erupting in all corners of the world. Major cities have been ransacked and looted, and governments and global organizations are collapsing... Yet this is just the beginning of the chaos that is to come. Caught in the middle of an international crisis and struggling to unravel the web of mysteries that surround it, Emma Grady and her growing family of outcasts must find a way to survive in New York City, gutted by a nuclear attack. On the other side of the globe, Zerah Adler finds his homeland of Israel on the cusp of annihilation, surrounded by a fleet of invaders. In this gripping follow-up to The Time of Jacob?s Trouble, bestselling author Donna VanLiere explores the end-times prophecies in the journeys of Emma, Zerah, and others bracing for what will happen next as danger closes in and civilization crumbles on an unprecedented scale.