The Connected Life

by Anchor
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It\'s no secret that we live in an increasingly isolated world. The pandemic has only exacerbated what was already a startling trend: loneliness and disconnection have been on the rise for a long time in our society. We long for a deep sense of meaning to make sense of our lives, but we don\'t know how to find it. Even worse, we often search for it in unhealthy ways that hinder the very thing we\'re desperate for: genuine relational connection.Psychologist Todd Hall has been researching human relationships and ways of connecting for many years. In The Connected Life, he offers the fruit of that work, contending that real human growth doesn\'t come through head knowledge alone but through relational knowledge and strong attachment bonds. It\'s our relationships?with God and others?that lead to authentic transformation. Ultimately, the family of God provides the best context for lasting growth.Here is a wise, accessible introduction to transformative relational connection, addressing the deeply felt disconnection in our society and inviting us into lasting relationships with God and others.