The Books Of Luke and Acts (2020 Edition) (The Passion Translation)

by Anchor
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The book of Luke is a glorious gospel and perhaps the most compassionate, love-filled account of the life, humanity, and ministry of Jesus. Also known as the Mercy Gospel, the Gospel of Luke offers rich details of Jesus’ love of children and the forsaken. It further shares Jesus’ teachings on prayer, forgiveness, and our calling as Christians to demonstrate mercy and grace to others.
The book of Acts details the ascension of Jesus, the birth of the church, and the early years of the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. Paul’s three missionary journeys are also explored, illustrating the spread of the gospel, the addition of new believers, miraculous answers to prayer, signs and wonders, and deliverance.
Revealed before our eyes in these two books of the Bible is the glorious man, Jesus Christ, and his undying love for us. This inspired account of church history awakens our souls and grants us courage to be witnesses for Christ.
“Not one promise from God is empty of power. Nothing is impossible with God!”
Luke 1:37