The Books Of Hebrews and James (2020 Edition) (The Passsion Translation)

by Anchor
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The book of Hebrews shines the magnificence of Jesus on every page. Written for every believer today, Hebrews explains the superiority of Christ and how his story is woven into the life and narrative of Israel. This epistle takes us into the holy of holies. Without a veil or anything to hinder our intimacy with God, we come to his mercy-throne, where we encounter enough grace to empower us through every difficulty.
The book of James offers practical truths about what it means to be declared righteous by God. James is rich with life-changing revelation, and we may even consider this epistle the New Testament Proverbs, for much of it speaks of heavenly wisdom from God. James also helps us understand the power of faith to produce good works. Faith works!
Heaven’s words are before us. We read them with a spiritual hunger and a passion to embrace truth, then live them out by the grace of Jesus, our Messiah, in whom we find our true life.
Move your heart closer and closer to God, and he will come even closer to you.
James 4:8