The Book Of Isaiah (2020 Edition) (The Passion Translation)

by Anchor
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The book of Isaiah is a collection of prophecies that is more than a historical record or teaching. It is the overarching vision of the heart of God revealed to his prophet. It spans the ages and touches every nation on earth, becoming a collective overview of all that God has planned. The message of Isaiah is one of victory, hope, comfort, and restoration. The themes of its prophecies are unrivaled in all of Scripture. With panoramic insight, Isaiah preaches the virgin birth of Christ, the bride of Christ, and the New Jerusalem. These prophecies also present a description of the cataclysmic judgments, the survival of a holy remnant emerging in Zion, and the canopy of glory that is coming to earth. It was because of our rebellious deeds that he was piercedand because of our sins that he was crushed.He endured the punishment that made us completely whole,and in his wounding we found our healing.Isaiah 53:5