The Bible Year Pastor Guide

by Anchor
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Achieve your goal of reading through the Bible in one year.The Bible. 365 days. Your church. Yes, yours!Yes, the goal is to read the whole Bible in a year, but The Bible Year has divided the Scripture into 365 smaller, daily goals. You?ll encourage your flock to read a short selection from the Bible plus a concise devotional every day. They can do that ? especially since The Bible Year has it all mapped out.Plus, summaries of key themes and ideas will help readers to better digest and understand the readings. So they?re not just reading verse after verse, they?re enriching their spiritual lives, developing deeper faith and forming closer connections to God.The Bible Year is also a wonderful way for small groups or even the entire church to grow closer to God and each other!Daily Bible goals start here!The Pastor?s Guide supports pastors in creating a churchwide program built around The Bible Year. It includes aids for sermon prep and ideas for integrating the program with church seasons and calendar year, as well as tips for gathering study groups, ideas for involving children and youth, and how you can use a shared journey through Scripture to bring your congregation together.The Bible Year product line includes a devotional for each church member, a leader guide for small group breakout sessions, and a pastor?s guide.