The Bible Year Devotional

by Anchor
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Achieve your goal of reading through the Bible in one year.The Bible. 365 days. You. Yes, you!Not the type to sit down and read the entire Bible? Yes, the goal is to read the whole Bible in a year, but think about it in terms of smaller, daily goals. Think about a commitment to read a short selection from the Bible plus a concise devotional every day. You can do that ? especially since The Bible Year has it all mapped out for you day by day.Plus, you?ll also get summaries of key themes and ideas to help you better digest and understand your readings. So you?re not just reading verse after verse, you?re enriching your spiritual life, developing a deeper faith and forming a closer connection to God and to each other.The Bible Year is also a wonderful way for small groups or even individuals to grow closer to God, while providing a common thread that will promote new and deeper friendships among members.Daily Bible goals start here!