The Aspiring Leader's Guide To The Future

by Anchor
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Too many leaders today are calibrated for a world that no longer exists. This unique leadership resource by bestselling author, Clay Scroggins turns outdated leadership principles on their head and provides aspiring, young leaders with practical advice to become a new kind of leader for our changing future.Leadership is not what it used to be and not what it once was. Too many leaders today are calibrated for a world that no longer exists. And people are demanding something so much different in leaders of today. Like a new house outfitted with the greatest VHS system on the planet, too many leaders are addressing today\'s problems with the style and substance of yesterday\'s leadership.In The Aspiring Leader\'s Guide to the Future, author Clay Scroggins uncovers nine counterintuitive axioms of leadership that will help leaders adapt to the rate of change while becoming today\'s version of a leader worth following. For every principle of leadership, there is a counter principle that only those knee-deep in the mess of everyday life can understand. With the rapid nature of change happening today, these counter principles provide a new way forward for today\'s leaders.With disarming candor and simplicity, Clay dispels several age-old myths of what makes a great leader, showing why the old way needs updating. Today\'s leaders rarely feel ready to lead, don\'t always have the right people on the bus, and are more willing to be vulnerable even when they don\'t have the answers. The way forward requires an understanding of the past, a conviction of what\'s at stake today, and a vision for how different tomorrow will be.There is a moment coming in your life that will require great leadership. Whether or not you\'re able to rise to the occasion will be determined by how much you understand the substance and style of leadership required for today. Good news, though. You don\'t have to wait for tomorrow\'s leadership challenge to begin. As soon as you\'re ready to see it and accept it, leading like this and not like that can start today!