Testings Of Devotion

by wasSTL
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The former archangel Lucifer thinks he can prove a point by destroying Mortals completely but Sophia, Senior Servant of the Heavenly Host, is determined to thwart his planand resist his temptations. As a created angel, she witnessed his fall from Heaven with horror but when shes assigned to carry out The Testings of Devotion, she discovers just how strong the lure of Earth can be. Luckily, the archangel Gabriel is there to support her but his mysterious disappearances and silence about the fate of Sophias predecessor are disturbing. Her three assistants, the Selected Servants, also come with challenges one moment they work with complete dedication and the next they openly rebel. As Lucifers power on Earth grows, he struggles to control his unruly army of Grigori, who are offspring of the original fallen angels. His grip of evil tightens around the seven Mortals chosen to be part of the Testings of Devotion just as Gabriel reveals there is a traitor within the Kingdom of Heaven. Still subject to Lucifers subtle attempts at seduction, Sophia begins to doubt her abilities to complete her assignments and fears she will disappoint both Gabriel and the Almighty Divine. When thrown into a direct confrontation with her adversary, she finally realizes who is truly being tested and witnesses the surprising power of complete submission.